The first wave of VR: Roadmap to innovation









If you haven’t tried VR yet, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking “what’s the big deal”. I thought the same, until I tried it. It’s hard to not be a believer after you’ve tried VR. Which is why I’ve been obsessed with VR ever since I tried it last year.


Here’s why: VR is the first computing platform that makes you feel.




  • In VR, When you ride the roller coster, your palms get sweaty.
  • When you’re in a dark room and something jumps at you, you’re surprised and it can be terrifying.
  • When you almost fall off of a cliff, your heart races.
  • When you’re laying on the beach with the waves lapping in, you feel relaxed.


Recently, it occurred to me that the best way to think about what the big opportunities in VR are is to look at all of the human emotions and to try to envision how a VR experience could illicit that emotion.

It’s no wonder fear and sex are two of the emotions which app developers are targeting first.

My prediction is that VR categories will emerge targeting most of these human emotions.


Entrepreneurs, here’s your roadmap:




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On February 25, 2016

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