Health & Longevity Group

Welcome, if you're reading this it's because you're someone who the group has identified as a potential fit for our special messaging thread on Signal.


What is it?

The thread is made up of people who are passionate about living a healthy life to the fullest. It's a casual group, we all share what we're learning about being healthy, living longer and being happy. We do zoom calls / book club calls once in a while that are a lot of fun and might meet in person at some point.

Requirements to join

Everyone needs to post occasionally. If you're being considered for the group, you likely already read and try new things to live a healthy and happier life. All you need to do is to share what you're learning, ask good questions and engage in the thread. No lurkers allowed. Everyone must contribute. We may at some point create a bot that automatically kicks people out who haven't posted in a long time.

What do we talk about?

- New books to read (Outlive, How to change your mind, The Good Life, etc )

- Lots of stuff about heart heart

- Exercise protocols

- Ways to improve various healthy markers like Lipids

Who's in the group:

- Medical Professionals: Doctors. Surgeons. etc...

- Entrepreneurs: CEOs, Founders, etc... 

- People who are passionate about living better and who can contribute to the group by posting new content.

- Nice people: No assholes allowed. 


- Everything said in the group is held by strict confidentiality.