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About Luc Levesque.


Luc Levesque SEO Ottawa Growth Executive

I love building and growing teams, leading innovative Web products and optimizing SEO, SEM, viral and whatever else it takes to scale online businesses to reach millions of customers.


When I was 21, I founded www.travelpod.com, the world’s first travel blogging platform. 10 years later,  TripAdvisor/Expedia acquired my startup. As general manager at Expedia and then at TripAdvisor, I led the creation of two award-winning products: TripWow (“WebAward for Outstanding Achievement” – Web Marketing Association) and the Traveler IQ Challenge (Excellence in Social Media – CNMA).


Today, I’m an Executive at TripAdvisor leading an amazing team that I’ve worked hard to build as VP of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reporting directly to the CEO. In this role, I’m responsible for growth from organic search channels on the world’s largest travel site across 41 international sites and have developed internal growth platforms that are being used company-wide. I’m also the general manager for several TripAdvisor products like TripWow, the Traveler IQ Challenge and TravelPod, which was named by PC Magazine as a “Top 100 site you can’t live without”. I currently scratch my entrepreneurial itch by advising high-growth companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, ResearchGate.




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“Luc’s candid approach to managing people extends to his efforts to build a transparent work environment, turning management into a conversation.” -Business Insider

“The most satisfying environment for top-talent, is working with other top-talent.” – Send me a note to join the team.





I’m always on the hunt for incredible talent in growth hacking, engineering, product development, viral loops, SEO, and more. Are you the go-to person at work? The star talent that loves what they do and has a passion for big challenges and working with other star-performers? If so, find out how to work on my team, you’ll love it.





When I can, I enjoy speaking at events and giving back to the community. Whether it is one on one with CEOs, founders or students or at larger group events. Reach out and if your event fits with my interests and schedule, I might be able to help.





I’m passionate about helping established start-ups and companies get to the next level of their growth. If your company requires advice in areas such as growth, leadership, or product market fit, I might be able to contribute. These days I don’t have much spare time to advise but when I do I focus on companies that already have reached product market fit and are addressing a large market.





I’m open to all kinds of opportunities to get involved in new things that are interesting, challenging and fun. Want to chat? Drop me a line.



“Our motto around here is Speed Wins”



I write about what I know and love: leadership and entrepreneurship, SEO and growth hacking, and travel. Some of my ideas and thoughts have been featured in the New York Times, Inc Magazine and various other mainstream media sites. I post when I’m inspired and have time to put my figurative pen to paper. Feel free to contact me to suggest that I write on a particular topic, issue or idea.


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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – Augustine



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