Exciting update: I’m moving to Palo Alto to join Facebook!


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A big thank you to Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Chris Cox and Alex Schultz for the opportunity to join the Facebook team.

This is the perfect next step in my life and I’m looking forward to leveraging my experience in product, growth and engineering to make an impact at a scale that very few companies can offer.

On Jan 1 2007, I ended one adventure by selling my first startup to TripAdvisor. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of leading a world-class team and helping TripAdvisor grow into the world’s largest travel site.

While at TripAdvisor, I’ve also had the great privilege of advising some amazing companies like Pinterest, Twitter and Quora.

After 9 great years at TripAdvisor, it’s now time for another adventure. First, I’ll be taking Andrea and the kids on a 3 month journey to Bhutan, Japan, China, Borneo, Fiji, Vanuatu and Indonesia. Then we’ll be moving to Palo Alto and joining the impressive Facebook team to work on a major initiative.

There are too many people to list but I’d like to thank a few specific people in California whose advice, time and support helped me get here: Ben Horowitz, Matt Cohler, Adam D’Angelo, Alex Schultz, Alfred Lin, Mike Vernal, Sean Ellis, Mike Cassidy, David Hornik, James Currier, Stan Chudnovsky, Saar Gur and Hiten Shah. I’m very grateful to everyone else who shared their time and advice with me to help with this big life decision.

I’d also like to thank my amazing team at TripAdvisor who I’ll miss dearly and Steve Kaufer who’s been a great mentor, coach and boss.

See you in Palo Alto everyone!

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On September 26, 2016

  • Derric

    Nice one Luc, I seen you got this new job in September 2016 and its now March 2017 and you haven’t posted anything on TravelPod about shutting it down
    It was only because someone posted on FB that anyone knew about it
    So people who have used TravelPod and made you shedloads of money are now being left in the dark a what is happening to your website and the years of blogs, photos, entries they have posted there
    You are a real gem, I hope you get as well treated in Porto Alto and Facebook as you have treated your members on Travel pod
    Just remember all the money you make, regardless of how much it is, you cant take it with you, all you can take is what you bought into the world
    People are remembered by their actions when they are alive, I cant see you being remembered with any good thoughts from people on your website, so you just toddle off and do what you do best, piss a lot of people off, cheers for all your work and your final episode on Travel Pod
    You want to reply, you know where I am 😉